Adding the Vision Siren to Fibaro Home Center 2

When you add the Vision sirene to Fibaro Home Center, it will be marked as an On/Off switch. The controlled device is “Other Device”, which makes the sirene somewhat unusuable, as this will result in no sirene when an alarm occurs.

There are two versions of the Vision sirene. One works on batteries, the other one accepts chargers voltage DC 12V – 39V or AC 9V – 28V, which leaves a wide choice. We choose a charger with 12V DC.

Installation of the module is quite easy. Just remove the white plate and remove the small black jumper located near the large capacitor and put it back into the position where two pin heads are covered.

Inclusion in Fibaro HC2

Now on to the inclusion in the Home Center 2.  As with any new module, go to the Devices tab, and then add a new device. After succesfull inclusion there will be a new ON/OFF device. As you will see, the producer is unknown and the controlled device is marked as “Other Device”.

Vision added to Fibaro HC2
Vision added to Fibaro HC2

After replacing the default icon, we change the controlled device to “Lightning”. This is necessary to use the built-in alarm panel from Fibaro. Your device will look like this:

Change icon and controlled device
Change icon and controlled device

Fibaro Alarm Panel

Now its time to configure the Fibaro Alarm Panel. As we changed the controlled device above to lightning, you can pick the “Vision Sirene” in the “PANIC” alarm scene.

Now the sirene is part of the elements to be activated on alarm. It will sound an alarm when a detection is made or another Panic situation occurs. It would be nice to stop it at any given time (also during the alarm). This is optional, as you can set the duration of the alarm with the configuration parameters (listed below). You can use a scene for this, and configure it to turn off with a pincode. You can always access this scene and turn it off in case of a false trigger.

Parameter Settings

If you do not make any scenes the siren will (by default) sound for 30 seconds. Parameter  0:

  • 0 = Flash Siren and active (default)
  • 1 = Siren only
  • 2 = Flash only

Parameter 1: 

  • 0 = 30 seconds (default)
  • 1 = 60 seconds
  • 2 = 120 seconds
  • 3 = don’t stop