Connect the actuator SSR303

Secure Actuator SSR303
Secure Actuator SSR303
  1.  In VERA go in the “Devices”, then “Add Devices” and click “Add” to start the search for a new device (the orange LED flashes slowly in the Z-Wave Gatewa controller VERA).
  2. The actuator when is it not inserted in any Z-Wave network has two red lights are flashing. Press and hold the bottom button > | | <until you see a green light indicates a proper connection to the VERA.
  3. On the Vera Web Devices tab  you will see the thermostat and actuator.


Set the type of boiler

Thermostats with TPI (Time Proportional Integral) have control algorithms in order to reduce thermal shock that occurs normally when using traditional thermostats with two histeresys points.

As a result, a regulatory TPI thermostat maintains comfort level in a much more efficient way than traditional thermostats.

When used with a boiler, the TPI thermostat will help save energy and the control algorithm to manage the boiler to operate in a more consistent way whte compared to older types of thermostats.

The DIP switchers with numbers 7 and 8 must conform  as shown in the diagram:

  • For gas boilers TPI adjustment to 6 cycles per hour (default). TPI 6
  • For oil boilers TPI set to 3 cycles per hour. TPI 3
  • Electric heating TPI adjusted to 12 cycles per hour. TPI 12
TPI Thermostat Settings
TPI Thermostat Settings


Credits to domotica4all for most of the info!