Homekit issues with smart locks (Danalock)

Back in October with the release of iOS 12 and tvOS 12.1, the updates broke HomeKit functionality for a variety of smart locks, including the Schlage Sense. Users lost the ability to lock or unlock the smart deadbolt remotely from their iOS devices, only to see a ‘No Response’ error message.

The reason why the lock gives no response is due to the release of OS 12. When Danalock Homekit was constructed and approved by Apple, connection was working fine. Now it turns out that the new firmware from Apple (OS12) is not 100 % backward compatible, so Home App is not able to communicate/update status from Danalock the way it used to.

As a result, Apple just released new OS called 12.1.1. which solves the issue.

Danalock was not the only smart lock that was affected by this Apple issue: https://www.iphoneincanada.ca/news/tvos-12-1-1-fixes-schlage-sense-lock-no-response/