How to make Vera the secondary controller in your network?

When you have multiple controllers in your (Z-Wave) network, there can only be just one be the primary controller. Some cases, your Vera controller should become a secondary controller and be able to communicate with the same devices but has it’s own scenes. 

We have tried to achieve this with the following setup: 

  • Primary Controller: Fibaro Home Center 2, firmware: 3.582
  • Vera 3 and Vera Lite: firmware both on 1.5.622

Z-Wave Version

First you need to check which version the Primary controller is on. If it is 2.78 you need to change this on the Vera (not in our test-case):

  1. Setup -> Z-Wave Settings -> Options -> uncheck the option ‘Use Z-Wave version 3.20 instead of 2.78’ and Save;
  2. After you check that the version is 2.78 and not 3.20, you will need to change the Vera unit to be secondary.

Connecting your primary controller

Bring up your primary controller near the Vera unit (or maybe better, your Vera to the primary controller),  and go to:
  1. Setup -> Z-Wave Settings -> Options -> uncheck the options ‘By default Vera should automatically configure devices’ and ‘Use Vera routing instead of Z-Wave (requires 4.5)’.
  2. Setup -> Z-Wave Settings -> Advanced -> click Go next to ‘Copy Z-Wave network from a master controller’
  3. Then, on the remote controller you should wake it up to receive the primary data;

That should be it and if your primary controller has already some devices it should show up in the interface of the Vera.