How to use ZWave.Me Keyfob in scene mode with UI7

In this section I will try to explain how to configure the ZWave.Me Keyfob (ZME_KFOB2) with the new (beta) interface UI7.

Adding the device

First lets add the device. You can add it with the help of Vera. The inclusion procedure is descriped in detail when you choose “Hand Held” -> “Z-Wave.Me Key Fob”.

Follow the guide and add the device by pressing all four buttons at once for 5 seconds. After that directly press button 1. This will trigger the inclusion process and Vera will find the device and configures it.


To let the keyfob communicate in scene mode with the Vera, we have to set some associations before. Go to “Device Options” and add groups 1 to 4. For each group, set the association to the ZWave device, as shown in the following image:

Set Associations for each group (1-4)
Set Associations for each group (1-4)

Association Overview

After you have set all four groups, the association overview should look like this:

All associations set
All associations set

Now its time to save these settings. Go back to tab “Advanced”, scroll down, and press “Configure Node right now”. Wake up the keyfob by pressing all four buttons for 5 seconds, followed by pressing button 2.

Define Scene Mode

There is a small (frustrating) bug when setting the variables needed for scene mode via the UI. A simpler and faster solution is to set the variables via the “VariablesSet” method. You can find this variable when selecting the “Advanced” submenu for the keyfob.

Here you can fill in the following values:

Fill in the variable VariablesSet
Fill in the variable VariablesSet

which in short means:

  • parameters 1 and 2, 1dec, value 0;
  • parameters 11 – 14, 1dec, value 5;

(you can supply your own values here, but to have the simple scene mode to work, choose value 5 for parameters 11 – 14).

Scroll down, press “Configure node right now” and wake up the keyfob again, by pressing button 2. The device will reconfigure itself now and when you have a look again at the “Advanced” tab, it should look like this:

Configuration Settings
Configuration Settings

Scene Triggering

When all went ok, you are ready to set your scenes. This can be done triggering for the numbers 1 to 4, corresponding with the numbers of the keyfob.