Adding Foscam like camera’s to Fibaro HC2

An important part of a home automation system is security. For my house I would like – besides the cameras – to save the images and safely put them away (in this case on a QNAP NAS, which in turn is connected to an online backup service).

The reasons are quite simple:

  • When the storage media may be stolen, just saving the images on the NAS is insufficient;
  • A fire or other disaster  and all data will be lost too;

Furthermore I have the following requirements:

  • I would like to receive notifications about events (with images of the event), only when armed;
  • motion must be detected reliably (every movement, outside of pets, must be detected);

In order to ensure the camera is functioning properly within Fibaro HC2 it must be added correctly. First make sure that security parameters within the camera are set. For me it was necessary to give my Fibaro Home Center an administrator account on all camera’s (also necessary for movement of the camera’s)

Camera Gebruikers Instellingen
Camera User Settings

This also ensures that the camera may be controlled by Fibaro (in the case of motorized cameras). Sending commands to the camera (remember to turn on the alarm mode on the camera) often requires administrator rights also. However, this can vary by camera model.

To receive notifications when an event occurs, I have to setup the mail settings (I use google as mailserver):

Camera Mail Settings
Camera Mail Settings

Last thing is testing the reliability and motion sensitivity. This can be set directly on the camera:

Camera Alarm Settings
Camera Alarm Settings

If all is correctly set it is time to add the camera to the Home Center.

This will result in:

toevoegen camera's

Camera Setup
Camera Setup (make sure the username and password match with the camera settings)

When you receive a stream, try to move the camera. You may also try to take a picture (you will receive an email per picture you take). In my case, I had to shift the right & left CGI command.

Next step see: managing the camera’s with Fibaro HC2 .