Using and controlling the Zwave.Me keyfob with Vera

Adding the Zwave.Me Keyfob (2) to the Vera is not that easy. For a reference I added this as a post, so when you follow the steps below,  it is possible to add and activate scenes with the keyfob.

Here is the official manual: 

Zme Kfob In En
Zme Kfob In En
131.6 KiB

Let’s start with including the device into Vera itself:

  1. Press and hold down all 4 buttons together for at least 5 seconds; the green light should be blinking;
  2. Put your Vera in association / learning mode (via normal addition or advanced Z-wave devices, add handheld remote );
  3. Press button 1 onetime for inclusion / exclusion of the keyfob;
  4. When Vera asks for you to wake up the device, repeat steps 1 and 2, but press button 2 this time (this will wake up the device which is the Vera  watiing for).

That should do it! Now it’s time to define some parameters for the keyfob to function correctly. You should do this yourself. Go to your newly added device and click on the wrench tab. The configuration for scene activation looks like this: Keyfob Parameters Keyfob Parameters

Click save and do the wakeup procedure again for the parameters to be set directly (or do you wanna wait? :)). In Vera you need to do an extra Reload for the configured values to be displayed properly.

Scene Activation

For everything to work you should create a new scene. Set your scene with the keyfob as a trigger and the scene actived as an event by the following numbers:

  • Key 1: number 1
  • Key 2: number 3
  • Key 3: number 2
  • Key 4: number 4
Setting up trigger for button 1
Setting up trigger for button 1

Create one or more scenes and attach them to the keyfob. Now its time to test!