Using my minimote to arm and disarm motion detectors

The purpose of this post is to use virtual devices for arming and disarming my motion sensors. Previously I succeeded in adding the video camera’s, see also Adding Foscam like camera’s to Fibaro HC2. The minimote is also already added by the gateway, see Using my minimote with Fibaro Home Center.

The minimote is programmed in such a way that it is capable of starting scenes. See for a working example the post mentioned earlier.

Starting a scene which arm or disarm the motion sensors is pretty straightforward. First introduce a variable which holds the status of the sensors (in this case “alarm_ingeschakeld” – which holds a true (1) or false (0) value for the status armed).

Minimote - Armed Variable
Minimote – Armed Variable

After that create an Armed scene, which holds the following script (note the variable):

and for disarming the sensors (within the Disarm Scene):

Note: in the (working) example above, only my four foscam camera’s are armed. Eventually all other (motion-based) sensors can be armed or disarmed in the scenes above.