Using the Aeon Labs keyfob in Scene Modus on Home Center 2

HC2 Firmware: 4.017 beta

When adding the Aeon Labs Keyfob to the current (beta) firmware can be a bit of a challange. First of all it is difficult to setup the device correctly, and some times, the device won’t function in scene modus.

Inclusion of the device

First let us include the device:

  1. Make sure the keyfob is in management modus (you can easilty check this by pressing button 3. In management modus, it won’t react and no LED will light).
  2. Choose add device on  HC2 to add a new Z-Wave device;
  3. Press button 4 (Learn) just once;
  4. If the HC2 seems to “hang” (no reaction after one minute) stop the proces and try adding it again with one press of the Learn button on the back.

Now switch the mode from management to scene by pressing the mode button once (also located at the back). The switch will be confirmed by a green LED for 2 seconds.

Scene mode

If everything went ok, your device should now be working in scene mode. You can check this also visually by pressing one of the buttons on top. If a green LED will light up, you’re ok and can skip the next step.

If a red LED lights up, you have to set a variable to let the keyfob function in scene mode:

  • Parameter 250 with value 1. This enables scene mode.
  • Wakeup the device by pressing the Learn button on the back for 2 seconds.
Set Parameter 250 to value 1

 Keyfob Lua Scene

Now its time to define a scene to “catch” the scene ID’s sent by the remote controller.

Create a LUA based scene by selecting “Add scene in LUA”.  Copy the following lines of code and adjust where needed (put the ID from your keyfob here).

You can test the scene by selecting Start and pressing one of the buttons on the keyfob.

%% properties 
18 sceneActivation 
%% globals 

local ButtonPressed = fibaro:getValue(18, "sceneActivation") 

if ( tonumber(ButtonPressed) == 1) then 
  fibaro:debug("Keyfob button 1 pressed") 
elseif ( tonumber(ButtonPressed) == 2) then 
  fibaro:debug("Keyfob button 2 pressed") 
elseif ( tonumber(ButtonPressed) == 3) then 
  fibaro:debug("Keyfob button 3 pressed") 
elseif ( tonumber(ButtonPressed) == 4) then 
  fibaro:debug("Keyfob button 4 pressed") 
elseif ( tonumber(ButtonPressed) == 5) then 
  fibaro:debug("Keyfob button 5 pressed") 
elseif ( tonumber(ButtonPressed) == 6) then 
  fibaro:debug("Keyfob button 6 pressed") 
elseif ( tonumber(ButtonPressed) == 7) then 
  fibaro:debug("Keyfob button 7 pressed") 
elseif ( tonumber(ButtonPressed) == 8) then 
  fibaro:debug("Keyfob button 8 pressed") 
  fibaro:debug("No response")